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Spotlight Football services are for professional and aspirant football players. We provide services with excellence because we see first the human being behind the athlete. Once we get to know our clients we customize the services to better serve them.

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Spotlight Football Academy training has a methodology based on high performance in which members are considered PLAYERS, not students.

Our rewards are as great as the player's efforts!

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A player who joins our Personal Football Training is entitled to a session with a maximum of 3 players.

The sessions are customized to tackle the weaknesses of the players. The individual plan is made through Performance Analysis, in which the player will execute drills that are specific to his position.

The player will receive an edited video and a report of his performance. The coach will customize the training according to the Performance Analysis report.

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Professional and aspirant football players can register for a two-day trial.

In the Trial, the players will be scouted by the FIFA Agent and will get the chance to be selected to sign a contract with Spotlight.

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Football clinics are short educational events, which can have one day to one week of duration.

Coaches and / or players participate in the clinics to expand their knowledge on a specific topic of football.

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